AEG’s Doomtown: Reloaded Fiction



The Auto-Revolver by Tim J. Meyer (French – Platypus) (Spanish Ringo Kidd)
Sanford Taylor by Tim J. Meyer (French Horatio) (Spanish Kunimon)
Remy Lapointe by Paul Durant (French Horatio) (Spanish Calamar Rojo)
Abram Grothe by Brett Satkowiak (French Horatio) (Spanish Calamar Rojo)
Kevin Wainwright by David Orange (French Horatio) (Spanish Calamar Rojo)
Lucy Clover by Brett Satkowiak (FrenchHoratio) (Spanish Kunimon)
Pancho Castillo by Tim J. Meyer (French Horatio) (Spanish Ringo Kidd)
Long Strides to Gomorra by David Orange (SpanishCalamar Rojo/Kunimon)
Doyle’s Hoyle by Tim J. Meyer (SpanishKunimon)
Sun In Yer Eyes & Unprepared by Tim J. Meyer
The Ballad of Mario Crane, Part 1 by Paul Durant
A Snake in Woman’s Clothes by David Orange
Quickdraw Handgun by David Orange
Three kids, a Bar and a Star by David Orange

Prelude to a Pine Box

A Ghost of a Chance by David Orange (French – Platypus)
Diamond Lil and the Union Blue by Tim J. Meyer (French – Platypus)
Paso Doble by Brett Satkowiak
Somethin’ ‘Bout A Sword by Paul Durant


Opening Act by Paul Durant (French – André)
A Coach Comes to Town by Tim J. Meyer (French – André)
A Night at the Circus by Tim J. Meyer
A Novel Correspondence by Brett Satkowiak
A Fox in the State House by Brett Satkowiak

New Town New Rules

Wilber Crowley by David “The Preacher” Wilson
R&D Ranch by Brett Satkowiak
Too Much Attention by Paul Durant
Telepathy Helmet by David Orange
High Stakes, Penny Ante by Paul Durant
The Ballad of Mario Crane, Part 2 by Paul Durant (read part 1)

Double Dealin’

Lula Morgan by Jon Del Arroz
Gina Tailfeathers by David Orange
Ballot Counter by Jeff Bailey
You’ve Got a Friend in Me (fan fiction) by David “The Preacher” Wilson
Double Dealin’ by Tim J. Meyer
Dark Places by Jim Despaw

Election Day Slaughter

The Long, Mechanical Arm of the Law by David Orange
The Evidence by Jon Del Arroz
The Summoning by Jon Del Arroz
Lane Spots the Marks by Jeff Bailey
The Great Debate by Brett Satkowiak
Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind by Jon Del Arroz

Faith and Fear

Trackdown by David “The Preacher” Wilson
A Lioness in the Den by Jeff Bailey
Lay on Hands by Jon Del Arroz
Payback Time by Paul Durant
Faith and Fear by Tim J. Meyer
Friendship is Magic by Jon Del Arroz

Frontier Justice

Gomorra Jail by Jon Del Arroz
Jokers are Wild by David Orange
A Rare Breed by David “The Preacher” Wilson
Legal Instruments by Jim Despaw
When the Lights Go Down by David Orange
Frontier Justice by David Orange
Circus Games by Jim Despaw

No Turning Back

Scoop Hound by Jon Del Arroz
Steel of the Night by David Orange
The Wagner Solution by Brett Satkowiak (Exclusive)
Harry Highbinder by Paul Durant
Cookin’ Up Trouble by Jim Despaw
No Turning Back by Paul Durant
A Deal Re-Negotiated by Brett Satkowiak

Nightmare at Noon

Shane and Graves Security by Jim Despaw
Stoker’s Sabre by Brett Satkowiak
Justice and Vengeance by Jon Del Arroz
Nightmare at Noon by Jim Despaw
A Sky Full of Stars by Jim Despaw
The Streets Ran Red by Jon Del Arroz and Brett Satkowiak

Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force

Raking Dragons by Paul Durant
Sarah Meoquanee by Jon Del Arroz
Old Wounds, Fresh Blood by Jeff Bailey
Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force by Paul Durant
Silver Linings by Jim Despaw

The Light Shineth

For What Ails You by Ross Fisher-Davis
Repaid with Interest by Jeff Bailey
Morgan Mining Company by Jon Del Arroz
Desperate Times by David Orange
The Ballad of Mario Crane, Part 3 by Paul Durant (read part 1, read part 2)

Dirty Deeds

Miasmatic Purifier by Jon Del Arroz
Double or Nuthin’ by Ross Fisher-Davis
Tlaloc’s Furies by Paul Durant
Checking In by Jim Despaw
Dirty Deeds by Jon Del Arroz
The Ballad of Mario Crane, Part 4 by Jeff Bailey (read part 1, read part 2, read part 3)

Foul Play

Behind the Stick by Ross Fisher-Davis
Owl’s Insight by Paul Durant
Blight Serum by David Orange
Deliberate Infection by Jon Del Arroz
Foul Play by David Orange and Brett Satkowiak
Disease Detectives by David Orange

Bad Medicine

A Funny Story by Jeff Bailey
The Orphanage by Paul Durant
Mugging by Jon Del Arroz
Into the Darkness by Brett Satkowiak
Bad Medicine by Paul Durant
The Shootin’ Life of Jessica Patchett by Paul Durant

Ghost Town

Nine-Tenths of the Law by Ross Fisher-Davis
Epidemic Laboratory by Paul Durant
The Prodigal by Ross Fisher-Davis
Framed by Jon Del Arroz
Ghost Town by Brett Satkowiak
An Evil Deed, Indeed by Jeff Bailey

The Curtains Rises

Rites of the Smoking Mirror by KC Grifant
Someone Else’s Problem by Ross Fisher-Davis
Bright Light, Dark Heart by Jeff Bailey
Putting the Pieces Together by Brett Satkowiak
The Curtains Rises by Jon Del Arroz
No More Funny Business by Jon Del Arroz

A Grand Entrance

Lighting the Fuses by Paul Durant
Bacillus Pasteuria by David Orange
The Blowoff by Ross Fisher-Davis
A Grand Entrance by David Orange
The Alignment by Paul Durant, Jon Del Arroz, and Brett Satkowiak

The Showstopper

Speaks-with-Earth by KC Grifant
The Last Ride by Ross Fisher-Davis
Aetheric Shockwave Inducer by David Orange
Showboating by Paul Durant and Brett Satkowiak
The Showstopper by Jim Despaw
Satiating the Darkness by KC Grifant
Exeunt Omnes by Ross Fisher-Davis and Brett Satkowiak
Echoes by Ross Fisher-Davis

Blood Moon Rising

Moving Forward by Jon Del Arroz
The Caretaker by David Orange
De Annulos Mysteriis by Brett Satkowiak
Blood Moon Rising by Jim Despaw
A New Law by Jeff Bailey