Falling Rock

Welcome to falling rock; five years ago, a huge chunk of rock fell from the sky in this area, and as it always is when this kind of things happen, people came, some out of curiosity, others seeking opportunity, and a few with a darker purpose. Together, they built the town that you will discover here.

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Episode 1: Bounty Bonanza

Since Sheriff Dickinson was forced into retirement by his addiction, things have been escalating in Falling Rock, the Lod Syndicate has established its power, and the law is almost non-existent.
Things are changing though, as bounty hunters have understood that a town without sheriff is a profitable place to be, they may very well restore some order in Falling Rock.


Episode 2: Familly Business

The Lod family is involved in everything illegal in Falling Rock and some “legitimate” businesses.
Family Business Focuses on the Lod Syndicate and the events leading to the demise of Steve Bentley.


Samhein Special: Night of the Pumpkins

Long thought to be a myth, the Fearmongers appear on the night of Samhain. These pumpkin horrors will try to scare the townsfolk to death. They do not hesitate to use their Scarecrows, planting them in front of deeds to remind people of their eerie presence.


Episode 3: In the Name of Science

Prof. Horst Wilberg has assembled the best experts in the field of weird science to acquire a significant part of the metorite, analyse it and use it in new bizarre contraptions. The Weather Studies Institute, the Collegium’s new base of operations, is the perfect cover for this operation.


Christmas Special: The Kidnap Before Christmas

A young girl is missing in town… The Ice Dwellers emerged from the Cave of Forever Winter and chosen their next queen. Now they must wait until she is ready.


Episode 4: The Man in the Painting

Eamon Whateley is taking his family on a new endeavor; creating a perfect abomination that is both more powerful and free from the grasp of a manitou. His wife Tabitha will be leading this research in the depth of the Lost Corridor, the missing wing of the sanitarium.


Episode 5: Greed is Good

It’s Thaddeus Hemsworth’s first day in Falling Rock, and things could not be any worse for Egbert Rhamy. A robbery is not the welcome party  he had planned for one of the five members of the board of the Sacramento Mutual Trust.


Valentine’s Day Special: War of the Rose

After the gruesome murder of one of their own, the girls at The Crimson Rose could no longer work for Cordelia Lod whose sole reaction was to charge extra for the murder. They decided to promote Leonore Statton and kick the Lods out of the Rose. Of course, they know this will not be easy and it might very well end up in a bloodbath.


Episode 6: Noblesse Oblige

Thanks to the information gathered by Lillian Drew, Admiral Provo Wallis is now getting ready for the next phase of their operation. They must acquire the meteor core and may very well forge unlikely alliances along the way. One thing is certain, Falling Rock will feel the wrath of Queen Victoria.